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Author: James Sneath

Odour testing at the Silsoe Odours laboratory


The business of 'smelling' is undoubtedly unusual. So at Silsoe Odours we get lots of questions about what's involved. Are you curious about the process of odour testing, and how odour assessors fit within it? Or, as we affectionately know them - sniffers! They are blessed with a very specific sense of smell, together with…
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Hedonic tone odour assessments rate the level of pleasure, or displeasure, of an odour


HEDONIC TONE ODOUR ASSESSMENTS In brief, a hedonic tone odour assessment is a subjective testing process. It measures the level of pleasure, or displeasure, that specific odours create when they come into contact with the human nose. We then give a 'score' to each odour. Our highly trained odour panel generates the scores. The Silsoe…
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Silsoe Odours testing laboratory achieves UKAS accreditation

Odour Testing Laboratory Achieves Fifteen Years of Successful UKAS Audits

At Silsoe Odours, we know that our customers rely on the accuracy of results from our odour laboratory. So we're delighted to announce that, for the fifteenth consecutive year, we have again achieved a successful UKAS audit. We're proud that the odour testing laboratory at Silsoe Odours was the first of its kind to receive…
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Odour Impact Assessment - Robert Sneath, Sampling

Odour Impact Assessment – How Does It Work?

If you haven’t been involved with an odour impact assessment before, you’re probably curious as to what’s involved from a customer perspective. There’s a wide range of odour services available, but your contribution doesn’t have to be complicated. James Sneath, Senior Site Sampling Technican at Silsoe Odours, breaks down the process behind our most popular…
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An Odour Assessment Survey is an Essential Tool

An Odour Assessment Survey is an Essential Tool for Architects and your Customers, to Meet Planning and Permitting Conditions   There are a plethora of metaphorical hoops to jump through in your bid for a successful planning application. One such ‘hoop’, an odour assessment survey, is on the rise. Ever more, local authorities are adding…
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EN13725 - CEN WG2 'Odours'

What’s next for EN13725?

At the end of February 2018, WG2 'Odours' of the Technical Committee CEN/TC 264 “Air Quality” met in Trieste, Italy. They were working towards the next phase of updates for the European Standard EN13725 – air quality – determination of odour concentration by dynamic olfactometry. Here’s what you need to know… What does EN13725 mean…
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