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Most farming operations will, on occasion, be responsible for odours. Indeed, most people living and working in rural communities will expect to encounter farm smells from time to time. However, challenges arise when these odours become a nuisance, either because the smells are too intense or last too long. It’s important to adopt best practice to minimise odour emissions, avoid odour complaints and ensure compliance with your environmental operating permit. You should also have an effective policy for dealing with any odour complaints you may receive.


We offer a wide range of odour services which can help you maintain operational excellence regarding odour emissions. Many farming customers request our odour sampling service. This gives you quantitative data about your odour emissions. It will allow you to identify which processes are problematic and make appropriate improvements. You can also use the data to provide the regulator with evidence of your compliance with your environmental permit.

We also regularly conduct sniff surveys for farms. A sniff survey is an independent subjective survey which measures the impact of odours and identifies the specific source if it’s not known. This can be helpful to authenticate any odour complaints which you think may be unfounded, particularly if there are multiple odour producers in the vicinity.

All our odour sampling and sniff survey work is conducted in line with the European Standard BSEN13725.

Client testimonials

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Nice to deal with, James who visited our site to take bag samples was professional with a can-do attitude.

Adam Bishop

Tree Tops Poultry Farm

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