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Waste Management, Composting & Landfill


By their very nature, waste management, composting and landfill plants produce odours. If not handled effectively, this can lead to odour complaints from those living and working in the local area. Difficult relationships with the community can become problematic and sometimes lead to escalating levels of odour complaints, regardless of whether they are justified. Responding to odour complaints is sometimes costly and time consuming. What’s more, the regulator will often require evidence of your odour emissions. They may take further action if you are in violation of your operating permit.


Our team of odour specialists have worked with waste management, composting and landfill customers for many years. We can help you to confirm odour complaints and reduce odour emissions from your existing plants. We’ll provide odour measurement data and analysis to help you prove compliance with operational permits. It will also help you to identify improvement areas.

If you are planning to install odour abatement equipment, we can be of great help in the planning stages. Our design advice and dispersion modelling will help you understand the impact your planned equipment will have. This gives you the chance to make any tweaks needed before installation, reducing potential costs.

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