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Dispersion Modelling


At Silsoe Odours, we use dispersions modelling when we work closely with a range of business customers involved with the planning of new, or modification of existing, premises where malodours may be produced. Using data from an odour emission survey, dispersion modelling provides the only method of predicting the potential odour impact of a new or modified premises.

Dispersion modelling offers a useful tool if:
– you are involved with the planning of a new operation or facility, which has the potential to create by-product odour emissions
– you are planning modifications to an existing facility, and need to submit a planning proposal which takes into account air quality standards


Dispersion modelling is a process of mathematical modelling, which allows you to understand how the odours your operations may produce are likely to travel and their impact concentration. This can be invaluable in being able to predict the impact your operations could have on the local community.

The process of dispersion modelling is highly technical and based on many years of experience in understanding how odours travel, at what frequency, and the period of dispersal. Our dispersion modelling is conducted by highly experienced modellers and takes the following areas into account:

– meteorological factors including wind direction, wind speed, air temperature and the stability of the atmosphere
– non-meteorological factors such as distance between receptor and odour source, height of odour release, emission characteristics and level of concentration at source, and building downwash causing turbulent wind flows


– Distance between receptor and odour source.
– Height of odour release.
– Emission characteristics and level of concentration at source.
– Building downwash causing turbulent wind flows.


Silsoe Odours will provide you with a full dispersion model and report, which you can use to enhance your odour management activities. It will include:

– comprehensive mathematical data that can be supplied to the regulatory body and/or planning authority
– graphical maps showing the potential effects of your odorous activities on the local community.

At Silsoe Odours laboratories we develop our dispersion modelling based on years of experience in understanding how odours travel, at what frequency, and the period of dispersal. The resulting data can help businesses understand how they fit in to their local community and recognise the impact they may have.

If you are planning a new facility, or modifying an existing one, Dispersion Modelling could help. Call our team today on 01525 860222