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Rendering plants represent probably the best-known industry when it comes to producing strong, offensive odours emissions. They can produce a variety of different odour emissions, depending on the processes in place and the raw materials in use. For operators, it’s critical that you ensure effective odour-control equipment and practises are installed. Good odour management will help you avoid impacting local communities, limit odour complaints and comply with the terms of your operating permits.

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We have many years of experience working alongside operators of rendering plants. We’ll work closely with you to help verify odour complaints and reduce odour emissions from your plants. Our odour measurement data and analysis will help you identify areas where you can make improvements. It will also be useful to provide the regulator with proof of your compliance with your operating permits.

For day-to-day odour management, effective planning will be key to successfully limiting your odour emissions. Proactive, regular odour sampling and testing will allow you to identify and resolve odour issues before they escalate. Doing so is also considered favourably where odour conflict cases reach court. Our team holds odour sampling and odour testing accreditation from UKAS and can help you shape your odour management plan. Not only that, but we can also help if you are planning a new site, new processes, or new odour abatement equipment. We offer design advice and dispersion modelling services which will help you understand the impact of your planned changes. You can then adapt your plans as needed to ensure the most effective odour mitigation strategies are in place. It’s much quicker and cheaper to implement changes at the planning stage than post-installation.

Client testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Saria (formerly PDM group), has used the services of Silsoe Odours for several years. They are not only able to provide the necessary analysis, but also the expert knowledge in supporting our challenge of monitoring and minimising the odour impact of our factories. Over the years several members of management have visited the site and come back full of knowledge and understanding of olfactometry, and how to best manage odour.

Effectively managing the impact of odour is one of the biggest challenges for companies handling animal by-products. As such, it is vital to us that we are able to monitor the performance of our treatment systems (both treatment efficiency and outlet conditions). Having a knowledge of the effectiveness of our treatment systems allows us to establish maintenance regimes, tweak setpoints to manage the incoming load and distribute foul air between treatment systems accordingly. Silsoe Odours have provided an excellent, consistent service over the years and we would happily recommend both their lab analysis, and on-site services to anyone. Their knowledge and understanding ensures that we have every confidence in the accuracy of our results, and that we will receive the information swiftly. The odour characterisation is an extremely useful tool we use in order to further establish the potential impact any odour may have on the public.
Joseph Barnes


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