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The odour testing team in action at the Silsoe Odours UKAS accredited laboratory


SILSOE ODOURS TESTING LABORATORY ACHIEVES STRONG RESULTS Every year, our lab at Silsoe Odours takes part in the international inter-laboratory comparison of olfactometry. Olfasense GmbH organises this 'round robin' proficiency test. They analyse the precision and accuracy of our odour testing, compared to other laboratories across Europe. Once again, this year we gained excellent results…
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Hedonic tone odour assessments rate the level of pleasure, or displeasure, of an odour

What You Should Know About Hedonic Tone

HEDONIC TONE ODOUR ASSESSMENTS In brief, a hedonic tone odour assessment is a subjective testing process. It measures the level of pleasure, or displeasure, that specific odours create when they come into contact with the human nose. We then give a 'score' to each odour. Our highly trained odour panel generates the scores. The Silsoe…
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'All You Need Is A Lab' - for your odour samples needs

The Right Lab For Your Odour Samples

All You Need Is A Lab There are a huge range of odour services available. For many of you, our integrated approach to odour assessment and management is enormously beneficial. However, not all of you will need this. Did you know we offer odour testing as a standalone service? Finding a reliable laboratory to test…
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