Silsoe Odours Receives Odour Sampling Accreditation from UKAS

Odour Sampling Accreditation

We are well-known at Silsoe Odours for our expertise and proficiency across all our odour services. Indeed, you can read customer testimonials here to that effect. With this in mind, we are delighted to announce that we have now been awarded UKAS accreditation for odour sampling.

To begin with, a UKAS assessor joined us at two locations, in Tempsford and Bedford, to witness the team conduct an odour emission survey. Our thanks go to Biogen and Anglian Water for their support in providing sites for these assessment visits.

As part of these surveys, we collect odour samples in accordance with the European Standard BSEN 13725:2003. We then transfer the odour samples from their source and transport to our (already UKAS-accredited!) laboratory for olfactometry analysis.

Odour sampling at Silsoe Odours

The UKAS Assessor Comments:

“The individuals witness undertaking the site activities demonstrated a good level of technical competence and knowledge.”
“Staff demonstrated that they were thoroughly familiar with the equipment and its use.”

What Does UKAS Accreditation for Odour Sampling Mean?

James Sneath, Technical Manager at the Odour Testing Laboratory at Silsoe Odours

James Sneath, Technical Manager at Silsoe Odours

James Sneath is our Technical Manager at Silsoe Odours. He says:

“Our specialist team at Silsoe Odours has long led the field when it comes to odour sampling. So I’m delighted UKAS have now recognised this expertise. It gives our customers full confidence that our odour sampling results will meet the requirements of European Standard BS EN13725:2003. Quality is always at the heart of what we do and UKAS accreditation is a well deserved reflection of our drive for continuous excellence.”
Silsoe Odours has received UKAS accreditation for odour sampling

UKAS sampling

UKAS is “the UK’s National Accreditation Body, responsible for determining, in the public interest, the technical competence and integrity of organisations such as those offering testing, calibration and certification services.”

Their assessors say:

You can view our UKAS accreditation certificate for odour sampling here.

What Is Odour Sampling?

We conduct odour sampling as part of an odour emission survey. In short, we collect samples of air and take them to our UKAS-accredited odour laboratory. Here, we test them for things like odour concentration, intensity and characterisation. As a result, you receive scientific data about your odour emissions, helping you understand them. In turn, this means you’ll be able to manage and control them in future. What’s more, you can use the results to prove compliance with your odour management plan or operating permit.

At the same time, we support this evidence with advice and guidance from our experts. Consequently you’ll have a clear, practical guide of what to do next.

Our team conducts all our odour sampling in accordance with the European Standard BSEN13725:2003. The UKAS accreditation shows that we’ve demonstrated this to their assessors.

Learn More

Do you need specialists to help with your odour sampling? We can gladly help. Or, do you collect your own samples and need a UKAS accredited odour testing laboratory? Look no further! Whatever odour services you choose, we work together with customers to meet your individual requirements. Please get in touch without delay to find out more.

Please call 01525 351396 to speak with our odour specialists today.

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