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Smoke Testing Services

Smoke Testing Services

Are you responsible for a building that is designed to contain odours? If so, you should consider regular smoke testing as part of your best practise procedures. More often than not, operators are unaware of odour leakage until it becomes advanced and problematic. But if you employ proactive and regular smoke testing services, you can ensure your buildings are suitable for their intended purpose. In turn, this can help you meet your air quality obligations and adhere to your operating permits. Ultimately, this could save you time, money and a great deal of hassle.

Smoke testing in action - the team fill the space with smoke and identify leaks

Smoke testing in action – the team fill the space with smoke and identify leaks in adjacent areas

Identifying Invisible Issues

Fugitive odours escape through gaps and flaws in the construction of buildings. Even in the most severe examples, containment issues are often undetectable by sight alone. Effective smoke testing services provide precise information that you can use to identify leakage points. 

The process works by using a non-toxic vapour to fill the building. After this, we carry out a comprehensive inspection of the building’s structural components to identify where leaks may be occurring. We’ll then provide a full report and proposal to highlight where issues exist and suggest corrective action.

To help gain a complete picture of the situation within your building, the test is typically carried out twice. Once with all standard air extraction and ventilation systems operational and a second time without. We use still images and videos to record any evidence of leaks.

Reliable Smoke Testing Services

At Silsoe Odours, we help you minimise odour emissions and, importantly, keep ahead of any odour control issues that may arise. Based in Bedfordshire, we offer a comprehensive smoke testing services, as well as a range of odour services.

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