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Odour Management Plan for the Summer

Odour Management Plan for the Summer

Odour Management Plan

Summertime stinks!

During the summer months, odours become more acute, with hotter temperatures allowing bacteria to grow faster and smells to travel further. Many of our customers find that – despite having no change in their odour sources – they suddenly experience elevated levels of odour complaints from the general public. This is exacerbated by an increase in outdoor activities in warm weather, with people noticing unpleasant smells more than they would during the winter.

High levels of odour complaints may lead to facilities facing scrutiny to determine whether they are operating within the terms of their permit from the Environment Agency, and in accordance with the Council’s planning conditions.

Who could this affect?

Any facility undertaking activity which may result in malodourous emissions. This could include;

  • Waste water treatment and sewage facilities
  • Composting facilities
  • Foundries, refineries and rendering plants
  • Biofuels and anaerobic digestion plants
  • Food factories
  • Commercial and restaurant kitchens

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A case in point

Following the start of this year’s warmer weather, Silsoe Odours was approached by a large waste management company, based in East Anglia. They have been receiving an abnormally high level of odour complaints about their sites, which comprise mechanical and biological treatment (MBT) and composting plants. Due to the complaints received, the Environment Agency has tasked them with developing an Odour Management Plan to tackle the issue, to ensure compliance with their permit.

Silsoe Odours has been working closely with the company to understand the challenges posed by their sites. We have developed a wide-ranging plan to assess the impact of their activities, as well as the influence of other odour sources in the local area which may be being attributed to our client. It comprises a series of fortnightly field odour surveys across a four-month period, from which we will take comprehensive qualitative findings. Four of our specialist Odour Assessors will attend site and make observations as to the odour intensity and characteristics present, every 10 seconds for five minutes, at each of the 18 monitoring points we have identified. We can then provide an independent assessment of odours at their locations. We have found that this approach can also be very useful when applying for planning permission.

In addition, Silsoe Odours has been helping to support the company’s internal odour evaluation processes. Recently we hosted six of their employees for an Odour Sensitivity Assessment at our UKAS-approved olfactometry laboratory. These employees hold responsibility for daily odour evaluation across the company’s sites. Having completed our assessment, they can now accurately represent to the Environment Agency the effectiveness of their internal procedures.

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