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If you’re an operator producing odour emissions, you’ve probably experienced odour complaints somewhere along the line. But is this always a burden? We’ve put together all you need to know about why you get (and don’t get) odour complaints. Plus how you can use them to your advantage, and ultimately improve your odour management plan. [...]
Silsoe Odours is currently recruiting for our inaugural Summer Intern Programme vacancy, which will be popular with students and graduates interested in air quality consultancy roles. We are an independent, UKAS-accredited odour laboratory based in Silsoe, Bedfordshire. We offer a range of odour assessment (on-site) and analysis (in-laboratory) services to customers across a number of [...]
At the end of February 2018, WG2 'Odours' of the Technical Committee CEN/TC 264 “Air Quality” met in Trieste, Italy. They were working towards the next phase of updates for the European Standard EN13725 – air quality – determination of odour concentration by dynamic olfactometry. Here’s what you need to know… What does EN13725 mean [...]
The importance of smoke testing At Silsoe Odours, we help our customers minimise their odour emissions and, importantly, keep ahead of any odour control issues that may arise. Smoke testing helps ensure that buildings designed to contain odours are suitable for their intended purpose. Fugitive odours escape through gaps and flaws in the construction of buildings. [...]
Registration now open! Building on the great success of the most recent Odour Study Day in November 2017, and an already fully-booked January 2018 event, Silsoe Odours is pleased to announce the next date for this sought-after odour management training day on the 6th March 2018. Clear your diary for Tuesday 6th March 2018, and hear [...]
Visit us at the European Waste Water Management conference on the 3rd-4th October 2017 At Silsoe Odours, we’re kicking off the Autumn months in style by exhibiting at the European Waste Water Management conference in Leeds. Bringing together more than 200 professionals from the water industry, this year’s event looks set to offer a thought-provoking [...]
Registration now open for industry-leading Odour Study Day, on the 16th November 2017 Silsoe Odours is pleased to announce that our industry-leading Odour Study Day returns on 16th November 2017. Now in its eleventh year, this highly respected one-day course is delivered by leading industry experts including Silsoe Odours founder, Robert Sneath and Steve Pierson, [...]
Summertime stinks! During the summer months, odours become more acute, with hotter temperatures allowing bacteria to grow faster and smells to travel further. Many of our customers find that - despite having no change in their odour sources - they suddenly experience elevated levels of odour complaints from the general public. This is exacerbated by [...]
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