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Yesterday, 24th October, marked the last Odour Study Day of 2018. We hosted 31 delegates at the Silsoe Odours UKAS-accredited laboratory in Bedfordshire. Delegates joined us from a variety of businesses, namely operators, local authorities, industry bodies and environmental consultants. Robert Sneath (Silsoe Odours), Steve Peirson (RSK) and Phil Longhurst (Cranfield University) provided comprehensive odour guidance. [...]
At Silsoe Odours, we work hard to react to the needs of our customers. Lately, we've been getting lots of feedback from customers attending the Odour Study Day. Delegates visit our UKAS-accredited odour lab during the day for a taster of the Odour Sensitivity Test. This is a chance for you to experience an illustration [...]
If you're familiar with Silsoe Odours, you're probably also familiar with our highly acclaimed training course, the Odour Study Day. Delegates receive a truly comprehensive overview of the principles, methods and guidelines of odour management services. Renowned odour experts deliver quality presentations coupled with case studies based on their own experience. Moreover, delegates visit our [...]
This year we were very pleased to welcome our first Summer Intern to Silsoe Odours, Nalisha Parmar. Nalisha joined us from the University of East Anglia, where she completed a BSc in Environmental Earth Sciences. Nalisha wanted to experience the field of Environmental Odour Control and Management first-hand. Here, she tells us more about her [...]
For more than a decade, the odour test laboratory at Silsoe Odours has been successfully participating in the international inter-laboratory comparison of olfactometry, carried out by Olfasense GmbH. The aim is to determine the precision and accuracy of our odour test activities, according to European Standard EN13725:2003. So this week, we're pleased to have received [...]
It's a busy Monday here at Silsoe Odours because we are completing our preparations for this Wednesday, 19th September. We will be exhibiting at the 'Recent Advances in Odour Control Technologies conference', at Cloth Hall Court in Leeds. Organised by Aqua Enviro (specialists in the water and wastewater sectors), this event brings together specialists in odour [...]
Silsoe Odours is committed to delivering the very best in odour control training, by means of the Odour Study Day. So we are therefore delighted that the course has been recognised by a number of organisations. Namely, the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM), the Institute of Air Quality Management (IAQM) and the CPD [...]
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