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Odour Control Training from Silsoe Odours Silsoe Odours delivers the very best in odour control training, at the Odour Study Day. With this in mind, we're delighted that the course has therefore received recognition from a number of organisations. Namely, they are: Institute of Air Quality Management (IAQM) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Accreditation Service Chartered [...]
HEDONIC TONE ODOUR ASSESSMENTS In brief, a hedonic tone odour assessment is a subjective testing process. It measures the level of pleasure, or displeasure, that specific odours create when they come into contact with the human nose. We then give a 'score' to each odour. Our highly trained odour panel generates the scores. The Silsoe [...]
Odour Management Services: Client Outcomes Often, clients come to us as an odour management consultancy because you've been advised to do so. Usually that referral comes from a regulator or local authority, relating to a regulatory or planning stipulation. So your initial experience with these services may not always be the most welcome. This article [...]
Practical Experiences of Odour Management On 25th September 2019, Cloth Hall Court in Leeds plays host to the best in the odour management business. This one day conference from Aqua Enviro explores the different approaches to odour mitigation, in use across a range of industries. Not only that, but the Practical Experiences in Odour Management [...]
Updated August 2019 New Revision of EN13725 (Olfactometry) The European Standard for olfactometry, EN13725, was published in 2003. It was developed by a a team of odour specialists from across Europe, known as CEN/TC264 Working Group 2 (WG2). Silsoe Odours Director, Robert Sneath, was instrumental in the process. He acts as the UK expert in [...]
An Odour Assessment Survey is an Essential Tool for Architects As you know, there are huge amounts of metaphorical hoops to jump through in your bid for a successful planning application. One such ‘hoop’, an odour assessment survey, is on the rise. Increasingly, local authorities are adding it to the list of standard requirements when [...]
Odour Control Training from Silsoe Odours Registration is now open for the Autumn 2019 Odour Study Day. We invite you to join us on Thursday 10th October. On the course, you experience the UK's only CPD-certified odour management, assessment and odour control training. Not only that, but the Odour Study Day is also endorsed by [...]
THEY DID IT!! (Update: 7th May 2019) Huge congratulations and well done to Joanna and all the #SuperheroesForMax runners! As you can see, the team turned out in style this bank holiday Monday. Each and every little superhero ran brilliantly well. Together they have raised nearly £2,000 to date. This will go to the incredible [...]
In the first place, you probably already know that our odour experts are leading authorities on odour matters. In light of this, it will come as no surprise that our Director, Robert Sneath, is quoted in the Spring 2019 issue of AD&Bioresources News. He appears in the 'Technology Focus: Odour' feature alongside Thomas Minter of [...]
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