Highly Acclaimed Odour Control Training

Odour Control Training from Silsoe Odours

Silsoe Odours delivers the very best in odour control training, at the Odour Study Day.

With this in mind, we’re delighted that the course has therefore received recognition from a number of organisations. Namely, they are:

Odour control training, the Odour Study Day, is endorsed by IAQM

IAQM Endorsed

As part of its strategic objectives, IAQM promotes the ongoing education and training of its members. For this reason, they review short courses to ensure the standard and quality of the training provided. As a result, IAQM has endorsed the Odour Study Day.

To clarify the reasons for this endorsement, their endorsement committee comment;

“Air quality professionals carry out dispersion modelling of odour using the same modelling software as for air quality assessments. However, the assessment of odour differs in how it is monitored, issues around complaints and subjectivity, and how it is assessed and regulated. Therefore it is important that air quality professionals are aware of these issues.

“The course is well put together with clear presentation materials and a good balance of theory and real-world examples, including a case study and laboratory visit to consolidate learning. The use of these case studies and the opportunity to do a practical test is to be commended.

“This course will be of most relevance to those in the air quality sector working on monitoring and assessment in industrial/waste/agricultural sources.”

CIWEM have accredited the Odour Study Day

CIWEM Accredited

CIWEM accredits training programmes that align with the professional interests of its members and prospective members. With this in mind, their assessor panel comments;

“The CIWEM Assessor Panel were of the view that the Odour Study Day met all the necessary criteria to achieve CIWEM CPD Accreditation. The Panel were pleased to receive the positive feedback summary from previous events.”

Odour control training course, the Odour Study Day, is CPD-certified


Moreover, the Odour Study Day has also received CPD-Certification following a thorough assessment. This is awarded in recognition of the highest quality training courses. For this reason, we are extremely proud to be the only provider of CPD certified odour management and odour control training in the UK.

Register for Your Odour Control Training

The Odour Study Day in action

The Odour Study Day is based on the extensive experiences of odour professionals. We focus primarily on expanding your theoretical knowledge and practical skills. You consequently receive a comprehensive overview on a range of issues relating to odour. Specifically; measurement, modelling, assessment, abatement and regulation. So this course is especially beneficial if you are involved with any aspect of odour management. In particular:

  • Regulators
  • Local authorities
  • Environmental, planning & engineering consultants
  • Air quality professionals
  • Site managers/assessors
  • Odour abatement equipment suppliers

Our experienced team of odour experts share their specialist insights as they deliver your odour control training. Similarly, they’ll use industry-specific case studies. They set the issues into context and outline the technicalities of odour management. All speakers facilitate interesting discussion throughout the day.

UKAS-Accredited Odour Lab Taster Session

Visitors testing their noses at the Silsoe Odours UKAS-accredited laboratory

As part of the Odour Study Day, you get the chance to visit our UKAS-accredited odour laboratory. While here, your odour control training takes a uniquely practical turn! You take part in a taster odour sensitivity test. As a result, you leave the training with an idea of your individual sensitivity to odours. This is certainly one of the most popular parts of the day.

The IAQM endorsement committee noted:
“The laboratory visit and mini sensitivity test are a great introduction to kit and procedure in practice; this is a unique and welcome feature.”

“It was useful to experience the lab and get more info/experience on the sampling/olfactometry.”
Andrew Fell, Wessex Water

“The practical session was very interesting, and the various scenarios focussed my knowledge towards what I learned today.”
Kevin Worrillow, WSP

In the light of this feedback, we have expanded our training offer in order to provide the most complete training service possible. We now also offer a limited number of places for complete odour sensitivity testing on the same day as the Odour Study Day. Please just get in touch with the Silsoe Odours team for more information.

What’s Included In My Odour Control Training?

Odour control training course leader, Robert SneathIn the first place, we feel it’s important to cover the challenges you are currently facing. Equally important, we also cover the challenges you are most interested in. With this in mind, we invite you to share with us throughout the day. Not to mention, we encourage group discussions and answer your questions as we go.

In brief, the primary areas of learning are as follows;

• Sampling and odour measurement
• Dispersion modelling
• Odour complaints
• Odour abatement plant performance
• Systematic field odour surveys
• Odour and EPR/IPPC

What Our Delegates Say

“I found the day extremely interesting and useful. The quality of the talks was excellent and the content was very relevant to everyday applications. It was a useful forum to share experiences between operators, consultants and regulators. I also found the odour sensitivity test interesting and it is useful to understand where on the spectrum of sensitivity you fall when dealing with odour assessments. I would definitely recommend the course to others.”
Kat Johnson, Idom Merebrook

“Easy to follow presentations made it a well structured learning experience.”
Chris Gunning, Biffa

“I thought the day was really useful and informative and a great chance to network. It was really useful to become a “lab rat” and do the sniff tests as it would help me to explain to customers how odour is assessed and tested in terms that they would understand rather than just saying “it gets sent to the lab”.”
Neil Whitton, Cherwell District Council

“I enjoyed the full range of content that the course showed. It was very informative and helped me further understand odour issues.”
Jake Hammond, Renewi


Read more delegate testimonials here.

Industry-Leading Odour Experts

Director of Silsoe Odours, Robert Sneath, is a renowned odour expert

Robert Sneath
Director, Silsoe Odours

Robert is a renowned odour specialist with over 40 years’ experience at the forefront of the odour industry. Perhaps most notably, Robert acts as the UK expert for Technical Committee CEN/TC 264 “Air Quality”’. The workgroup is responsible for the ongoing development of the European Standard EN13725.

Odour Specialist Speaker, Steve PeirsonSteve Peirson
Principal Consultant, RSK-ADAS

Steve is a nationally renowned authority in the field of odour and emissions. In particular, he specialises in odour analysis, emissions, odour impact assessment, odour nuisance, environmental control and ‘Best Practicable Means’ assessments. Steve also has extensive expert witness experience.

Phil Longhurst, Professor at Cranfield University, contributes to the speaker line-up at the Odour Study DayPhilip Longhurst
Professor, Cranfield University

Phil joins us from Cranfield’s Centre for Bioenergy & Resource Management. He has a PhD in Innovation & Technology and Assessment. Not to mention, Phil has developed a programme of research studies, assessing the impact of waste management on air quality and neighbouring communities.

James Sneath, Odour SpecialistJames Sneath
Senior Sampling Technician & Deputy Laboratory Manager, Silsoe Odours

James has a wealth of experience in on-site sampling as a trained assessor, covering all types of odour emission sources. He is exacting in his approach to rigorous and well-designed sampling methodology, in line with the European Standard EN13725. Furthermore, he is also the Deputy Laboratory Manager at Silsoe Odours.

Private and Off-Site Odour Control Training

In addition to the Odour Study Day, we facilitate private training sessions. We also offer off-site training on or near your premises. You’ll probably find this useful if you need to provide odour control training for entire teams simultaneously. On the other hand, you might be located some distance from the Silsoe Odours laboratory. Our ‘sniff box’ provides a simulation of the laboratory experience. This gives us the unique ability to deliver the Odour Study Day experience off-site. Find out more here.

Finally, we are happy to tailor training for your individual requirements. Please get in touch so we can discuss your individual requirements.

Article last updated: 23rd July 2019

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Joanna has a strong background of marketing within industrial industries, and is helping Silsoe Odours create open, accessible channels of communication with our customers.

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