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Author: Victoria Sneath

The odour testing team in action at the Silsoe Odours UKAS accredited laboratory


SILSOE ODOURS TESTING LABORATORY ACHIEVES STRONG RESULTS Every year, our lab at Silsoe Odours takes part in the international inter-laboratory comparison of olfactometry. Olfasense GmbH organises this 'round robin' proficiency test. They analyse the precision and accuracy of our odour testing, compared to other laboratories across Europe. Once again, this year we gained excellent results…
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Results announced for Silsoe Odour's customer satisfaction survey 2019, measuring customer feedback about their range of odour services

2019 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

As part of our commitment to providing the best service for our customers, we conduct an annual customer satisfaction survey. It takes into account the experiences of our customers across all of our odour services. We carry out the survey at the beginning of each year and we are very pleased to now share the results…
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Merry Christmas, from all of us at Silsoe Odours

Merry Christmas from Silsoe Odours Best Wishes for the Festive Season It's been a great 2018 at Silsoe Odours! Thank you for being part of it. From Friday 21st December we will have a reduced staff, returning to full ranks on Wednesday 2nd January 2019. But of course if you have an urgent issue in the meantime, please do…
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Odour Testing Samples | An Odour Sensitivity Test in action

Complete Odour Sensitivity Testing Now Available At The Odour Study Day

At Silsoe Odours, we work hard to react to the needs of our customers. Lately, we've been getting lots of feedback from customers attending the Odour Study Day. Delegates visit our UKAS-accredited odour lab during the day for a taster of the Odour Sensitivity Test. This is a chance for you to experience an illustration…
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Odour Detection Superheroes

Today we are, undoubtedly, all celebrating the UK’s National Superhero Day. Of course our absolute favourite at Silsoe Odours is X-Men’s Wolverine; “You can’t fool THIS nose”. Hyper smell is where it’s at. None of this flying or x-ray vision business. For the sake of our small humans, we’ll give the odour detection superheroes of…
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