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Month: August 2019

Summer 2019 at Silsoe Odours

Summer 2019 at Silsoe Odours – quarterly snapshot

ODOUR MEASUREMENT AND CONTROL - AN UPDATE FROM SILSOE ODOURS In the first place, you probably know that our odour measurement and control experts at Silsoe Odours share an update each quarter. So, please take a minute to watch this video from our summer 2019. You'll see how a day in the life of an…
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Hedonic tone odour assessments rate the level of pleasure, or displeasure, of an odour

What You Should Know About Hedonic Tone

HEDONIC TONE ODOUR ASSESSMENTS In brief, a hedonic tone odour assessment is a subjective testing process. It measures the level of pleasure, or displeasure, that specific odours create when they come into contact with the human nose. We then give a 'score' to each odour. Our highly trained odour panel generates the scores. The Silsoe…
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