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Month: April 2018

Odour Detection Superheroes

Today we are, undoubtedly, all celebrating the UK’s National Superhero Day. Of course our absolute favourite at Silsoe Odours is X-Men’s Wolverine; “You can’t fool THIS nose”. Hyper smell is where it’s at. None of this flying or x-ray vision business. For the sake of our small humans, we’ll give the odour detection superheroes of…
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An Odour Assessment Survey is an Essential Tool

An Odour Assessment Survey is an Essential Tool for Architects and your Customers, to Meet Planning and Permitting Conditions   There are a plethora of metaphorical hoops to jump through in your bid for a successful planning application. One such ‘hoop’, an odour assessment survey, is on the rise. Ever more, local authorities are adding…
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